Meet the Band Director!!

Jonathan Thompson joined the Fort Valley State University family in 2015. He is a graduate of Tennessee State University, and is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Music at the University of Georgia.

“My immediate goal for the marching band and university is to recruit the best musicians in Georgia. This will immediately impact the sound and capabilities of the band program. In the next five years I am looking forward to having one of the best bands in the state as well as the SIAC.

The marching band stands as a pivotal cornerstone of the university’s campus life, participating in pep rallies, football and basketball games , and various campus events that require the excitement that only the BMMB can bring. The marching band also performs locally, throughout Georgia, and across the country. To prepare for events, the Blue Machine Marching Band rehearses three to four hours daily. During this time, members work diligently on the music and the field show for upcoming performances. One of the most important benefits that happen for our band members are the relationships that are built from the long hours of hard work by the students. By the end of the season, everyone in the band knows that they have family in the BMMB.”

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