Student Testimonies

“If I had an opportunity to redo college, joining the BMMB is one thing I would not change. We are family and having a family connection in an unfamiliar place was absolutely amazing!”

-Wendy Stegal, 2013 FVSU Graduate and former BMMB Trombone Player

“When I first arrived on campus, I didn’t know anyone. The BMMB took me in like I was an abandoned child. We fought through such intangible bonds that we can never sever those ties. We are forever linked, we are forever changed, and we will always move as one.”

-Elijah Porter, 2014 FVSU Summa Cum Laude Graduate and Former BMMB Drum Major

“Joining the BMMB was the best decision I ever made at Fort Valley State University. The young men and women I have come to know and love have truly been a blessing in my life. I give all my love to the Blue Machine!”

-Joshua “Poppa” Brown, 2016 FVSU Graduate and Former BMMB Sousaphone Section Leader


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